Eyelash Striort method by working on your crack lines one by one to strengthen the collagen connective tissue there. The process repairs cracks in the region and provides tightening. 30 to 90 percent wiping is observed in repaired cracks. This is related to the person’s skin structure and healing process. Session intervals are every 21 days and the application takes 1 hour.


How is Striort Crack Treatment Applied?
Striort Stretch Treatment starts with accelerating blood circulation by applying a special cream to the cracked area of ​​the body. After a waiting period of 15 to 25 minutes, the vacuum nozzle of the Fibroderms is applied over and over the crack in the direction of the crack. The Striort Vacuum treatment, based on the activation of elastin and collagen connective tissue by creating some controlled damage to the skin, also provides a significant tightening. Redness and bruises on the skin during the application goes away in 2-3 days. The striort, which is a very safe and harmless method, does not cause side effects such as skin crusting or spotting immediately after the procedure. Treatment can be applied between 1-3 sessions once a month,provides a 30% to 90% improvement in cracks. Patients can continue their daily routine and order after the treatment and treatment does not require any restriction.


Cracked and Striort Repaired Areas
Belly Cracks
Hip Stretch Marks
Breast Stretch Marks
Arm Cracks
Leg Cracks
Internal Leg Cracks
Waist Cracks
Tread Cracks
Calf Stretch Marks
Stretch Marks

Session Objectives in Striort Practice
Striort Device Micro circular doors increase circulation
Striort Accelerates upper skin development where applied
Striort Revitalizes sebum production on skin
Striort Repairs Hydro-lipid Cover in Skin Structure
Striort Increases the thickness of the upper skin
Striort Enhances skin hydration when applied
Striort Products Stimulate Fibroplasts
Striort Application Restructures Elastic Fiber
Striort Method Increases the thickness of the lower skin


What to do during the Crack Repair Process
It is recommended that the application area should not be exposed to direct sunlight for 15 days.
Household products should be used in the morning, noon, evening
High-factor sunscreen should be used regardless
Bath, sauna pouch should not be applied
Gluten-free foods should be avoided


Why do cracks occur? How to Treat Fracture? What is Striort Stretch Marks Treatment?
Cracks on the skin are among the most common cosmetic problems that women complain about. Because the cracks are common, they are not large enough to be covered with make-up.

mostly hip, calf, abdominal and chest fractures. The rapid growth of adulthood, pregnancy or uncontrolled weight gain and the absence of moisture in the skin is the maximum cause of cracks. Only every lady doesn’t crack. What triggers the cracking in the skin is genetically the strength and elasticity of the elastic fibers in the dermis layer of your skin. Elastin fibers are intertwined in the dermis layer of the skin in the form of a ball of yarn. In cases where the skin is overstretched, such as rapid weight gain, pregnancy or adulthood, if the elastin fibers are not sufficiently strong, a break in the dermis layer of the skin occurs and a crack occurs. There is no cure to return it after the crack occurs.

The cracks are initially dark red or sometimes purple in color and become pale for 6-12 months. When you touch it with your hand, you may feel that the cracked area is more empty than the solid skin. The reason is the separation in the dermis. The main purpose of all crack treatments is to increase the synthesis of collagen protein under the crack and try to equalize the cracked area with the intact skin.


Difference between crack treatment and striort
No Needle in Striort Application
Striort Can be applied to any skin type
Striort Applicable to all body areas
Very low complication rate
Striort results up to 90% in the first session.
Session Striort 2 or 3 can be done if necessary.
Striort Pain is practically absent when administered.