Cross-eye or wall eye is the deterioration of the parallelism of each eye in various looking positions. As well as it can be inborn, it can generally come up at 1-2 ages. It can be one-sided or double-sided.In especially one-sided wall eye, HEMERALOPIA (LAZY EYE) may occur.

What is Hemeralopis (Lazy Eye) ?
The sight is not just about eyes. The image in the eye is tranferred to brain via optic nerves. It is interpreted in the sight center. The sight begins right after the birth, and goes on developing until 6-9 ages. If the sight is blocked by any reason in this period, the development of the sight center in the brain is also blocked. Even if the reason that blocks the sight is treated after these ages, the sight may not become normal again no matter how sucessful the treatment is. It is called HEMERALOPIS (lazy eye).

What Are The Reasons For Hemeralopis (Lazy Eye) ?
One-sided cross-eye
Visual disorder in one eye
High visual disorder in both eyes
One or two-sided cataract
Stain in the eye as a result of an eye disease
Inner eye tumors and diseases

May Our Child Have Lazy Eye? How Do We Notice?
It is not always possible to notice as inferred from the reasons. So, even if there is no complaint, every child should be examined in the following months after birth. If it is impossible, the child should be examined by an oculist at 2-3 ages.

Can Lazy Eye Be Treated?
Firstly, the reason for laziness is removed.It is operated if it is cataract. If there is cross-eye, the treatment is planned according to the reason. If necessary, the operation is carried out, etc. LAZY EYE IS GENERALLY TREATED IN CHILDHOOD YEARS. AT LATER AGES, THE TREATMENT MAY NOT BE SUCCESSFUL. Its treatment methods include medicine, glasses, contact lens, closing, and CAM treatment. All these treatments are done in our center.