Izmir Karsiyaka Clinic has been serving for nearly 25 years in the field of ophthalmology. Nowadays in the treatment of visual disorders ,are the Refractive surgery and Laser treatments. With these treatments and refractive surgeries , Myopia, Hyperopia and astigmatism,the PRK, LASIK or LASEK are the best appropriate treatment methods . Laser treatment is not a suitable operation for those with keratotomy eyes.

For the patients who are not suitable for the Laser operations or patients with keratotomy , or patients with a very high eye -glass number than other treatmens are carried out like placing the lens into the eye. Phaco needle, and also a seamless method of cataract operations done and the patients gets back their normal visual as soon as possible. Eye blood pressure (Glaucoma),Visual field follow-ups and the treatments, blood pressure and eye surgery by laser is done for the patients with Eye Blood Pressure(Gloucoma) to prevent the permanent nerve damage.Also for the patients with diabetes the related eye gets treated by angiography (FFA) and laser or if necessary, with argon laser.

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